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Louis Breeze.


The East end of London has spawned some great talent over the years and Louis Breeze is certainly one of them. He was a principle baritone in the world famous D’Oyle Carte Opera Company as well as being an accomplished singing teacher.

“The immense audience fairly rose at Mr. Louis Breeze for his intenselely dramatic rendering of the
‘Wearing of the Green’ - The Universe
“We liked his singing immensely and also his choice of songs. Good nautical songs were given as encores”
The Eastbourne & Sussex Society.

Louis has left behind not only some very fine recordings, which are still available, but a family of strong entertainers. None more so that his son Alan, who took up his father’s mantel and became one of the best loved singers in Bristish Big Band history through his work over decades with the Billy Cotton Band.
Isabel & Louis Breeze
      “Girl of my Heart”
Recorded September 1900
Alan’s parents
Alan’s parents